IET, or Integrated Energy Therapy, is a form of energy healing that I personally received for the first time early last year. Up until that point. Reiki was the only energy therapy I was familiar with. I had some deep relationship healing that I was seeking treatment for at the time, and this had been recommended by a friend.

This therapy helped me clear energetic blocks that were tied to past traumas that I wasn't even aware of. I was so blown away at how this single session shed so much light (pun intended) on my subconscious thoughts that were contributing to my problems. With this knowledge I was given, I have been able to move past to higher levels of healing.

With little other experience, I decided to add this therapy to my toolbox and I got certified this past December.

What is it?

The principal objective of IET is to provide safe, gentle, yet powerful, support to release suppressed feelings, and the energy blockages they cause, from our cellular memory.

Releasing the blocks allows for self-healing on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). IET uses a divine angelic energy ray to work directly with one’s 12-strand spiritual DNA to re-align and re-balance the body.

Once the energy field is clear and the body has become re-balanced, we find ourselves free of limitations to our good health, life purpose, prosperity and creativity.

How is it different from Reiki?

Both Reiki and IET are channeled energy therapies, but the energies each come from a different channel. Both use simple, gentle hands-on techniques and can also be done as distance sessions.

Both acknowledge that the body does the healing after the blockages in the energy field are released.

Each of these therapies require the Practitioner to be attuned by a Master, that is: having their energy fields expanded to accommodate the new vibration of energy being employed.

How can you benefit from a session?

IET can provide emotional, mental, and karmic healing by working on points in the body that (in energetic anatomy) have been identified as storing specific suppressed emotions.

This therapy can be used to go beyond the clearing phase to assist one to work on your higher purpose. Once you've cleared these deep energetic blocks, you can use your full creative resources to build the life, work, and relationships that you want.

If you are recovering from a physical/emotional disease or disorder, clearing and balancing your energy field can enhance, shorten and be the catalyst for your recovery.

During your session, you will feel a deep sense of relaxation and a gentle release of energy blocks with the support of the energy therapy practitioner. After treatment, many clients describe a feeling of deep inner peace, with insight, renewal, and strength to continue their healing process.

Since learning and practicing this new form of energy healing, I have been incorporating it into my Integrative Healing Sessions, along with Reiki and other techniques.

As always, I encourage you to schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your journey and get you on the best treatment plan for your situation.

WE KNOW, 2020 is coming to an end.

If your social media feed looks anything like mine, then it's full of, "Things to leave behind in 2020" type of posts.

Usually, I am not a fan of New Years Resolutions. If you want to make a change for yourself, then make the change no matter the time of year.

And if you want to make a change for yourself, make it because you deserve the change, not because of societal norms that shame you into thinking you need to reinvent parts of yourself every New Year.

That said, these posts have got me thinking and I can get down with the idea of releasing whatever no longer serves me in order to make room for new higher vibes to come in.

So, here I am with my own list of what I'm ready to leave behind in 2020.

🔥The idea that I should "be" anyone or anything. I too often find myself feeling annoyed that I haven't fully embodied who I think I should be, or am hard on myself if I don't always naturally feel the contentment, peace, and fulfillment I seek in my life.

I want so badly to be something other than what I am in that moment instead of just giving myself room to be. Moving forward, I am choosing to give myself permission to feel whatever I feel, and to just be, no expectations attached.

🔥The word Should. Really, it's a weird and annoying word when you think about it. Should. Eck.

The word should implies a certain degree of judgment. I should do this thing I am not currently doing. What if I replace every should with I choose to? The energy of the sentence or statement completely changes.

In reality, our life is comprised of many choices. We all have the free will and ability to choose where we dedicate our time and energy. We can relish in this choice and recognize it's all ours to make. Isn't that more fun than should?

🔥Self-judgment. Goooooood lawd, am I ready to leave behind the tiny voice in my mind that whispers, "you're not good enough," and not-so-subtly compares me to others, but... guess what? That isn't really an achievable goal.

I have done a lot of work to release my own judgments, yet that tiny judge-y voice still perks up in my mind.

Rather than (ahem) judging my own self-judgment (quite the pickle I've gotten myself in here), moving forward I choose to acknowledge that letting go of old patterns and ways of being is a process.

I might never completely dispel the judge-y voice in my mind and that's okay. The awareness I now have around my self-judgement means I can make the decision to acknowledge and release the judgment, rather than getting swept away by it. That is a win.

🔥My protective walls. There is a part of me that is scared of being hurt by others. I don't want to leave this part of me behind--she is a part of me and I am working towards fully accepting all parts of myself.

I do want to listen to and love this part of me, and work towards taking down the walls she's built around my heart. Moving forward, I choose to acknowledge and love the part of me that feels scared, then openly give and receive love despite feeling scared.

Your turn!

✍🏼Write it out! Journaling is one of my go-to methods to release and better understand what's going on underneath the surface of my mind. So, what are you ready to leave behind in 2020? I invite you to write out your answers. Once you're done, safely burn the paper and envision yourself letting go of these things along with the rising smoke.

Want to dig deeper within to truly let go of all the is no longer serving you? Learn more and sign up for The Going Within Workshop, coming in February!

Are you familiar with the term "brightsiding"? It's kind of like gaslighting.

It's when a perfectly nice and well-meaning attempt to offer you comfort turns out to actually be kind of toxic. It's when you're going through some shit and someone says something to you like, "it could be worse, just look on the bright side!"

Has this happened to you before? How does it make you feel? Honestly, for me, it kind of makes me want to punch that person in the face. In reality, Positive Patsy, is just at a higher vibrational frequency and at the moment she has access to gratitude and those higher vibration emotions.

However, depending on what you're going through, and where you're currently at, that gratitude just might not be accessible to you right now.

Why it's so hard.

Our thoughts are very powerful. They are what trigger the emotional response, which then leads to a physical response.

So, yes, would it serve you to adopt a more positive mindset about your situation? Absolutely, BUT that doesn't mean it's the next logical step for you right now.

Let's say you're in a GREAT mood, maybe you got a raise, maybe you got a little action, I don't know, whatever, you're feeling good. Then all of a sudden, oops! You spill a glass of water all over the floor. Your response might be like, "It's ok, it's just water, no worries. You know what, I needed to wash the floor anyway! Thanks, Universe!"

But on any other given day, maybe you lost your job, or had to put your dog down, or you're just really upset with how things are in your life right now. You spill that same glass of water in the same spot, on the same dirty floor and, "Goddamn it! Are you serious? Of course this would happen to me right now. I don't have time for this. Who even left this water here? GAHH."

In Scenario A, gratitude was accessible because you were already in a higher vibrational state. In an otherwise shitty situation, like in Scenario B, if you told me to find gratitude in that moment, you'd likely find a foot up your ass.

Now, back to the good intentions of Positive Patsy. She is right about something; staying in those negative, low-vibration emotions is going to eventually manifest in your reality in a way that does not serve your Highest good.

The physical consequences of chronic low vibrational emotions manifest into those mystery illnesses that your doctor can't diagnose, or make you so anxious you can't leave your house. Or so depressed you can't even do the simplest thing that will make you happy right now.

So, yeah, we do want to figure out how we can feel better, BUT we have to consider how to do this based on where we're at now.

How to shift your low vibrational state.

Like I already mentioned, sometimes gratitude or looking on the bright side isn't available, or you try, but it just feels forced and not authentic.

What we do here is reach for the next best thing to what we're feeling right NOW, and that is how you move forward in a way that flows more naturally for you.

I'm going to go be going into stuff like this in a lot more detail in my new program that's going to be launching in January, but for right now I'm going to keep it simple so you have an action step you can take right now.

If you're not already familiar with this concept, essentially every emotion has a different vibration, and there is pretty much a spectrum.

  • Step 1 - Where are you at right now?

  • Step 2 - What is the next best thing that is available for you right now?

  • Step 3 - What is the easiest, most logical thing that you can do right now to support and nurture yourself?

I know it sounds crazy, like, "Lady, are you really telling me to feel 'jealousy' and that's going to help me get out of 'depression'?"

Yup, it is going to get you a step in that direction because otherwise where are you going? You'll either stay where you are, or you're going to find out if it could get any worse.

So let's start taking those little steps. Recognize that on some level, you know it's going to be ok - some way, some how, at some point - but you have to give yourself the permission and space to elevate.

If you're interested in support with what you're currently working through, schedule a consultation.