Distance Reiki Sessions

What is it? With distance Reiki, you receive a standard Reiki treatment session in the comfort of your own home while your practitioner is performing the session from her office. 

Distance Reiki should be considered if you identify with any of these situations:

  • You are scheduled to, or have had, a surgery of any kind. If it is an in-patient procedure, check your hospital for free Reiki options!

  • You have insomnia or trouble sleeping. We have options available at night so you can go right off to sleep after your session!

  • You have restrictions due to childcare and need extra flexibility. If you don't see a time on our schedule, please reach out so we can accommodate you - (401) 336-6614.

  • You would like to receive Reiki during or after your cancer treatments. Be sure to check with your hospital and health care centers for free Reiki offerings.

  • You do not have access to transportation

  • You have a compromised immune system, and you are avoiding public places. 


"I received a distance reiki session from Alyssa and it was amazing. Being my first reiki I wasn't sure what to expect but she explained the whole thing to me and made me feel at ease. I've been struggling with brutal nightmares (which is what prompted me to try this) and got the best sleep of my life. I highly recommend her." - Brittany Underwood


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