Energetic Blockages

Updated: Feb 14

What happens to a river if a physical object (like a dam) blocks its flow? It's primary function is inhibited -- and your subtle energy systems work the same way.

Photo by @stromfotografi

What are energetic blocks?

In energy medicine, we talk a lot about blockages. So, what exactly is an "energy block"? Essentially, it's a disruption in the proper flow of energy (i.e. chi, ki, prana), within one or more of your energetic channels.

Subtle energy systems that may be affected include your bioenergetic field (aka auric field or aura), meridian channels, nadis, or chakra energy centers.

How do I know if I have one or more energy blockages?

The problem with Western medicine is this isn't something that is going to be routinely checked when you visit your physician with your symptoms.

Energetic blockages may result in a multitude of life disruptions, including:

  1. You have a hard time focusing your attention

  2. You have trouble sleeping

  3. You feel stressed, anxious, or depressed

  4. You feel helpless

  5. You can't fully express yourself or communicate your emotions

  6. You lack creativity, inspiration or motivation

  7. You have closed yourself off to others

  8. You have financial problems or concerns

  9. You struggle with relationships, including with yourself

  10. You suffer from a physical illness

Energetic blocks can come from all kinds of places including traumatic events, learned beliefs and belief systems, ancestral trauma, or it may be something you picked up from someone else's energy field (I'm talking to you, empaths).