Exercise and Your Hormones

Updated: Feb 14

I've been passionate about exercise my whole life. From doing Billy Blanks' Tae Bo videos in my basement as a kid, to becoming a personal trainer during college, to getting my Master's in Kinesiology, to now being an Exercise Physiologist (among many other things).

I've always felt in my body, and known on a psychological level, the power of movement.

Routine physical activity has incredible effects on our hormones and endocrine system. Dopamine decreases stress and depression. Serotonin affects mood, social behavior, appetite, memory, sexual function and sleep. Estrogen becomes balanced in the body. For men, it results in a boost in testosterone.

8 Benefits of Exercise Related to Your Hormone Functions

In our Facebook Live on hormone changes as we age, Physical Therapist, Melissa Nassaney and I couldn't have sang the praises of exercise for hormone balance any louder if we tried.

  1. Lowers stress levels.

  2. Improves insulin sensitivity.

  3. Improves thyroid levels.

  4. Lowers risk of obesity.

  5. Lower excess estrogen levels, which can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

  6. Stimulates production of sex hormones like testosterone which can decrease fat mass & increase muscle mass.

  7. Improves symptoms from menstrual cycle.

  8. Improves menopausal symptoms.

Beginning an Exercise Routine

Here are a few pointers to anyone starting or RE-starting an exercise regimen.

  • Start small, even if you've been an avid exerciser in the past - just 10-30 minutes of movement 3-5 days per week is a great start.

  • Get in a combo of cardio, strength training, and flexibility.

  • Consistency is key.

  • Do things you enjoy, you're more likely to stick to it if you're not dreading it. Plus, there are SO many options and resources out there. There is something for everyone!