Finding Your Mindful Moments

Updated: Feb 14

You know when you're rushing out the door distracted by your long to-do list? Before you know it, you're triggered by the littlest things?

In those moments, it doesn't take much to set you off. The next thing you know, it's just another stressful day in the life, right?

The cycle tends to repeat itself; being rushed causes stress, and the stress makes you feel more rushed. This can be incredibly draining on your energy!

The good news is that you don’t need to be stuck in these patterns. The practice of mindfulness (even just a couple of times throughout your day) will improve your mood, perspective, and habits.

As I talked about in my previous blog about mindfulness, it doesn't have to take much to start a practice that can have a profound impact on your life experience.

It’s as simple as tuning into your senses

You can literally be anywhere, at any time, and simply bring your awareness to the following:

Sounds: Don’t overcomplicate. Observe what you hear, but not the depths of labeling, naming, or judgement.

Smell: Bring attention to scents around you. Take them in, but don’t focus too hard on them. Just allow yourself to be aware in the presence of what is in the air of your environment. And if what you smell is "nothing', so be it!