Setting Intentions

Updated: May 5

"Where focus goes, energy flows." -- Tony Robbins

The first thing I ask my clients to do before a session or class is to set an intention. This is often a huge challenge for people! Have you ever felt that way before?

You know you don't want, but you're not quite sure how to articulate what it is that you do want.

Why We Set Intentions

Let's backup for a moment and talk about the importance of setting intentions. You've likely heard me explain before about how we are all energy, and reaching your goals has everything to do with raising your vibrational frequency (click here for the article).

Setting intentions is about getting yourself in alignment. An intention is more than a course of action that you intend to follow; it's also the purpose behind a specific action or goal.

Before I got into energy work and was just a Health and Wellness Coach, I would spend a lot of time with my clients on their goals. Some of the important questions I would ask include:

  • What is the end result you're reaching for?

  • How will you get there?

  • What are the steps you're going to take?

  • How will you know you're there?

So, how is an intention different than a goal? Goals are basically the technical aspect of what you want, whereas your intention is the energy behind the goal. It's a creative power that fulfills your needs and desires.

Everything begins with intention; it's the seed of what it is you want to grow in your experience.

How do you set an intention?

Setting intentions is basically the conscious act of planting that seed. I recommend setting aside at least 15-30 minutes for yourself in a quiet area where you can relax and tune into your Higher Self.

Spend some time in meditation, connecting to your breath and your body. Then spend some time journaling with the following prompts. While you write, let your intuition guide you. Go off on whatever tangents feel right in that moment.