Are you ready to release what isn't serving you? Energy blocks are holding you back from meeting your intentions, and it’s time to let that sh*t GO!


Join this High Vibe course and allow me to guide you through the process of releasing self-limiting beliefs, emotional blocks and self-defeating habits.


Finally, you have the tools and support to move past the overwhelm and into your state of flow.


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Releasing Energetic Blocks

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  • Once you register you'll:

    • Get started right away with instant access.
    • Work at your own pace through 6 interactive lessons.
    • Have access to quick and easy tools to start implementing immediately.
    • Integrate these new skills into your life with 1:1 guidance at the end of the course in a personal Zoom session with Alyssa.
  • "Working with Alyssa has been life-changing, and I truly don’t use those words lightly. 


    I was completely new to energy work and healing when I went to my first reiki session with Alyssa. I was open to the work, but didn’t really know what to expect. I couldn’t have pinpointed it at the time, but that session was the first step in my journey of healing past traumas, limiting beliefs, and deeply-rooted fears on an energetic level. What I did know at the time was that I needed to continue to work with Alyssa!


    Through her program, Alyssa taught me practical ways to incorporate energy healing into my life, and provided me with the tools and knowledge I needed to cultivate my own self-care practices. She taught me how to tap into and listen to my intuition, to cultivate self-awareness around what’s happening within my body on an energetic and emotional level, and how to protect my energy fields." - Justine Harrington, Healer, Writer

    "Before joining Alyssa’s program, I had been walking around in a low vibrational state, feeling like my energy had been sucked right out of me. Since being in a car accident 2 years ago I had seen countless doctors, went through endless physical therapy sessions, and was taking several medications including one for depression.


    I was blocked mentally, physically, and spiritually. From the first lesson I felt right at home. Her energy was so welcoming, loving and exactly what I needed! I hadn't realized how blocked I was until I started clearing my energy through the workshops. I am happy to say I am not only back to work, but I am also Holy Fire Reiki Master certified thanks to Alyssa, my Reiki Master Teacher.


    Reiki has been extremely helpful to my body and its healing as well as raising my vibration. I am so blessed to have come across Alyssa's and be a part of her program!!!" - Sandy Deller, Reiki Master Practitioner