Reiki Like a Mother

Energize your motherhood experience and
grow on your personal healing journey. 

The motherhood journey is incredibly rewarding, but it also shows us our shadow side that is asking to be healed.

Are any of these showing up for you?

  • You're concerned about your anxiety affecting the kids

  • Difficulty coping with anything and everything

  • Missing or mourning your old life

  • Giving up all of your energy

  • Too much to do and can't stay ahead of it

  • Difficulty relaxing and sleeping

  • Low self-esteem and feel insecure

  • A disconnection from yourself and higher purpose

  • Trauma (childhood, pregnancy, birth, ancestral)

Reaching a state of burnout can be unsettling, chaotic, and disorganized.

It's easy to get stuck in "survival mode". It's not always so easy to see your way through the big emotions.

When you become a parent, you relinquish a lot of control over your life.
No one really tells you this, but it's not uncommon to feel more resentful of your “mom life” than you do enjoy it.

When this is the case, you don’t need to just DO something differently.
You need healing. Support. You need unconditional love.
In many ways, YOU need to be mothered.

...It takes inner child healing, ancestral healing, addressing other aspects of yourselves and/or relationships. 

...It takes addressing your physical self, mental, emotional and energetic elements, to make the shift. 

...It takes commitment to yourself and acknowledging that you are worthy of the investment of energy.

...We work on all of these elements in the Reiki Like a Mother program, plus whatever else is relevant and unique to your own personal experience.


The 3 month Reiki Like a Mother group program can help you…

  • Shift from survival mode to thriving.

  • Set personal boundaries.

  • Feel more energized.

  • Recognize unhealthy beliefs and patterns keeping you overwhelmed and exhausted. 

  • Learn from your experiences instead of repeating the same lessons. 

  • Be more present with your family.

  • Learn to avoid burnout.

  • Learn how to use simple energy healing techniques in your mom life (and beyond).

About the Program

Are you ready to take this 3-month journey, and allow yourself the space to heal and grow? The features of this program were designed to help you show up as the best possible mom, from a place of self-love and compassion.

  • Private community

  • Weekly group sessions (live and recorded)

  • Deep energy healing for emotional and physical pain

  • Family and ancestral healing

  • Holistic tools for self-care and for family

  • Reiki Certifications included

  • Practice techniques for self and others

  • On-demand access to guided meditations

  • Access to special offers and private events

Full program cost: $997

*Plus LOTS of bonus features for the January 2022 crew*


So many benefits!

During pregnancy…
While I was pregnant with my first son, I dealt with major anxiety, trouble sleeping, and feeling a strong need to control everything. Reiki was the only thing that helped me release the stress, and I’m so grateful that I was able to get 3 years of experience with the energy before my second pregnancy!

It can help with anything that ails you during pregnancy (pain, stress, birth prep, parenting prep), while also sending the energy to the baby. It’s such a beautiful way to connect with your child before birth!!

After pregnancy…
Heal from all birth experiences. This is helpful if you or your baby experienced any kind of birth trauma. I personally had two C-sections, and the second one I had such a better experience with recovery because of these tools that I teach. I didn’t need any narcotics the second time! 

It helps with all of the emotions that arise postpartum. There is no escaping or bypassing, but you’ll be held in a safe and nurturing space so you can work through them and heal instead of compounding and leading to bigger issues.

If you’re also a business owner or entrepreneur… BONUS
You'll see what I mean once you're in it, but this is going to help your business, too :). 

Kids at any age…
It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, you’ll learn the best practices for your particular situation.

Relationship with your spouse/partner/co-parent

This amazing energy tool is also great for helping heal and strengthen important relationships in your family. I have stories for days on this!

Click here to listen to a recent Podcast Interview I did on Reiki 101 for Moms.

Want to try a session before committing?

You can schedule a single session, and if you decide to sign up for the program after, you can deduct that cost from the balance. It's important to me that you feel 100% comfortable and not at all rushed or pressured!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the program begin?

A: January 2022. 

Q: How is this different from a typical reiki training program?

A: Reiki Level 1 and 2 Certifications each take a day on their own, and the training is very general in terms of learning the history, techniques, attunement, practice. 

Instead, this program takes place over the course of 3 months so that you can actually get in the routine of applying these skills to your life, and really moving forward in your own healing journey. You’ll be super confident on how to use this for yourself and others (if you choose to).

This program is focused on you as a mother, and how you can use it for yourself and your family. 

Q: What if I have never had reiki done before? 

A: That is totally fine! If you want to experience it before signing up, scroll up and you can book a session. I always deduct the cost of the single session from the program total as a courtesy when you decide to join :).  

Q: What if I'm already certified in Reiki (Level 1, 2, Advanced or Master)?

A: This will be an amazing experience for anyone already trained in Reiki. Not only will it strengthen your channel and raise your frequency, you’ll also integrate these skills in new ways. In fact, this is a great program if you WORK with mothers and/or children!

Q: These seems intense, what's the time commitment?

A: Expect to spend at least an hour a week with me! We'll be taking break weeks so as not to overwhelm you, and let the energy integrate as you strengthen your skills. 

Q: Is this program all online?

A: Yes, all sessions are done virtually through Zoom. You’ll also be able to chat with me online between sessions. I’m going to do some group calls and training, and you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other moms with the same mission. 

Q: What if I don’t have childcare?

A: I totally get it and will work with you and your schedule for your sessions. If needed, we can always work with having your kids on during your sessions. While it’s important to have your own time, it can also be helpful to integrate them with the sessions. This is a very case by case situation!

Q: I’m pregnant, can I still do this?

A: YES!!!! This will be an incredible tool during pregnancy, especially for stress reduction, sleep, pain, energy, nausea, and we also send reiki to the time of the birth with a specific technique which we’ll cover in the program.

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