"Alyssa Knapp is a vital part of my self-care and wellness journey. She has not only educated me on my relationship with what I am putting into my body, but has also allowed me to embrace a lifestyle change. She sets attainable, reasonable goals and is so very compassionate and understanding throughout the entire journey. Her leadership is beyond anything I could have expected or dreamed of. By working with Alyssa, my results have been uplifting and consistent. I feel better in my body as well as more confident and healthier in mind, body and spirit. I whole heartedly recommend her services to anyone!!”
- Kathleen Kweskin, LMT, RYT

"Excited! That’s how I feel about the journey I am on and for the lifestyle I am now living. After children you sometimes forget to put yourself first, and that’s what I did. I finally took a step, put myself first and started this wellness program. As a result, I’ve lost my baby weight and I’m in the best shape of my life! Alyssa helped open my mind to all aspects of wellness. She was able to identify my weaknesses and helped me strengthen those areas. Alyssa’s motivation is not only inspiring, but it was the extra push I needed to achieve my goals. I highly recommend Alyssa to anyone ready to embark on their wellness journey."
- Jenny Ferraro  

"Alyssa is an amazing coach!  When we started this work together, I knew I needed to change my habits but I was still resistant.  My head was not in the right place.  Alyssa was so patient with me and figured out how to say just the right things to help me make the changes that I needed to make.  Every time we meet, Alyssa and I come up with 2 or 3 items for me to focus on for the next few weeks.  Setting short term goals has made a big difference for me and allowed me to feel much more optimistic about meeting my long term health goals."
- Sharon Primerano

"Alyssa is the perfect person to talk to. From dietary advice and exercise to stress relief, she's got real deal advice. I enjoy Alyssa's enthusiasm and genuinely caring approach to wellness. She understands the struggles people face and helps set a realistic path to success."
- Andrea Pfuhl