Classes to resume May/June 2021(ish)

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Yoga at Home

Virtual Classes to Raise Your Vibration!


Functional Fitness

Improve your physical wellness through mindful movement.

Flow mindfully through a series of functional exercises.


Build strength and endurance in your body while focusing your mind in the moment.


This class requires little to no equipment, and is appropriate for all fitness levels and body types.

We do give options to use various types of equipment, so any resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, can be made useful if you choose.

Integrative Stretching

Mindfulness meditation + therapeutic stretching.

Release tension in your body and mind through mindfulness-based therapeutic stretching.


This class is great for all levels and body types.


You will want a yoga/exercise mat, or you can just use a spot on a rug or carpeted floor.


Pillows and rolled up blankets make great props to keep you comfortable during class.


We recommend a stretching strap or something similar, like a belt, towel, scarf, etc. to assist in some stretches.

SElf-Care with Reiki & Card Pull

Nourish your energy with guided self-Reiki.

In this class you will learn how to tap into the healing and empowering Holy Fire Reiki energy.


This practice is great for clearing energetic blockages and bringing in a healthy flow of life force energy (i.e. ki, chi, prana).

Essential oils and crystals can enhance this session, if available.

You will be guided through a self-Reiki session by Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, Alyssa Knapp, MS, CEP.

Energy Flow Guided meditation & Card pull

A class for your mind, body and soul.

In this unique class we integrate different meditation techniques with Reiki energy therapy for optimal balance of your physical, emotional and energetic well-being.


No experience with Reiki or meditation necessary.


Do this class somewhere you can relax. This could be on a yoga/exercise mat, a space on a rug or carpet with cushions and blankets.


We encourage you to keep a journal for your experiences and follow up with thoughts that come after class.

How to Prepare for Your Class

Functional Fitness & Flexibility

  • Wear comfortable clothing - shoes and socks are optional.

  • All equipment is optional, but here are some recommended items to have on hand: 

    • Yoga/Exercise mat​

    • Dumbbells - weight depends on your level, so I always recommend having lighter and heavier options if available

    • A yoga/stretching strap - you can also substitute with a belt, scarf, or towel

    • Yoga blocks

    • Cushion (for seated stretches)

    • Have a full bottle of water available

    • Make sure we are aware of any physical limitations so we can give you modifications during the class.

Energy Flow Guided Meditation

  • Be somewhere relatively quiet where you will not be disturbed

  • Wear earbuds, ear pods, or headphones for best audio

  • Have an intention in mind for your session 

  • If you have any essential oils, crystals, candles, or smudging tools, these can be helpful in creating a soothing atmosphere

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