Integrative Healing Sessions

The journey from healing to thriving isn't always a clear path and often takes healing many layers.

It can be overwhelming when you start looking at all the options when choosing which tools to tap into.

Sign up for a private session if you're looking for individualized holistic treatment. This can serve as an introduction to a new tool, therapy, or a great option if you need ongoing support.

You can register for a single session, or you can receive ongoing support with a more structured "curriculum" with our Raise Your Vibration Program.

See more on what to expect from a private session in our FAQs.


“The experience was deeply inspiring, grounding, empowering, and motivating. I encourage anyone who is feeling a bit psychologically muddled down to book a session with Alyssa – and experience a similar awakening of spirit.”

— Sarah C.

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"Alyssa gives off such a soothing and positive energy. She reminds you that you come first and you need to tend to your own well being. I highly recommend visiting her for a Reiki session and any other services she provides! I look forward to working with her again."

— Taylor B.


Booking Options


60 Minutes - 100

90 Minutes - $150

Includes pre-session preparation and follow-up.

Tell Us What Your Seeking Help For

Pain management

Stress and anxiety


Women's health

Energy balance

Physical wellness


Spiritual guidance

Custom Treatment

Reiki Energy Healing

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

Movement Medicine

Health + Wellness Coaching

Essential oils


Nutrition Counseling

*Mala Meditation


Rest and recovery have long been under-valued in our culture. This is an essential component to healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. We use several evidenced-based techniques to tap into the body’s innate ability to rest.


Becoming a mother is both a beautiful and challenging experience. So much changes on a biologically and emotionally. We help you build your toolbox so you can relax and enjoy the magical experience of motherhood. 

Stress & Anxiety

Address the root cause of your anxiety and release traumas, learn reactions vs. responses and emotional intelligence. You will explore what methods best work for you and get the tools you need to make this transformation.

Energy Balance

Learn about your subtle energy systems and how to clear and ground yourself.
This is great if you're an empath and tend to absorb energy from your environment.

Pain & Inflammation

Inflammation can be caused by such a range of things. Identify your triggers and learn holistic techniques for managing your pains. 

Customized Curriculum

Intention is everything. We customize every program so you get the education and practice you need on your journey to a higher vibration.